WELYNQ, the smart green card for your hospitality visit

Everyone is looking forward to a cozy terrace or booking a table in a restaurant. The hospitality industry is ready, but also knows that the requirements are strict. So everyone has to give up to be healthy beforehand. Only when you answer all questions about your health positively, you get a virtual green card that allows you to enter. A nice step forward, but there are quite a few snags. And what if it turns out that someone with corona was at the location you visited? Then you want to know that, too. WELYNQ solves it all!

How does WELYNQ work?

WELYNQ works very simple. You answer questions about your health on a PC or smartphone, in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM. Once you have answered all the questions ‘correctly’, you will receive the access decision, a green card with which you can enter.
The questions are in the WELYNQ app. You scan the QR code on the special poster next to the entrance, you answer the questions on the app and you get the green card on your mobile.
For those who do not have a smartphone (elderly) or cannot scan QR code, the hospitality branch sets up a PC with a screen at the entrance on location. On it is the WELYNQ application that works in exactly the same way: you answer the questions and if all is well, you get the green card and you can go in.
When you leave, you scan a QR code again at the exit after which you are checked out. This allows the hospitality industry to know exactly how many visitors are inside


The main benefits:

  1. For every visitor with or without a smartphone
  2. Counting of number of visitors present (think maximum of 30)
  3. Be informed afterwards if it appears that an infected person was present
  4. Secure, anonymous data storage. Location, date, time and access decision only
  5. See for yourself where you’ve been. With indication of contamination on site
  6. As desired by expanding the consumer with telephone number and/or email address
  7. Privacy guaranteed. No storage of personal data. Data stored for up to 30 days
  8. No start-up costs and low subscription fees of ? 22.50 per month for entrepreneurs, the first month is free
  9. Promotional package for locations

With WELYNQ, the hospitality industry can go in all directions

The hospitality industry wants to be able to receive visitors on location quickly and easily, without congestion at the entrance. Let’s show me the green card and get it done. Answering the questions on the spot takes a bit more time, but can also be solved quickly with a console.

Furthermore, the hospitality industry knows exactly how many visitors are inside and can easily maintain the 30-person limit. When a visitor leaves the location and checks out, WELYNQ counts that too.

In addition, she can assume that all visitors are ‘safe’. But if it turns out later that there has been an infected visitor inside, it is very easy to inform other visitors of that location on that day. This requires that they have also entered the telephone number and/or email address in WELYNQ when answering the questions.

When the location has multiple spaces, it is also possible to keep track of who enters each room by hanging a poster with QR code at each entrance or passageway.

Also useful for consumers

For consumers, WElynq provides certainty about the visit to the hospitality industry. They can register at home, so they don’t waste any time on arrival on location. They also know that the location is actively concerned with security and that they keep a close eye on whether there are not too many people inside.

It is also nice that you can indicate yourself whether you want to be informed when it turns out afterwards that an infected person was present during your visit. By adding your mobile number or email address to your data, you can be informed.

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About us:

WELYNQ is a brand name of VISIPOS B.V.

The idea for WELYNQ started even before corona as an app for registering users of web applications. With the corona requires high standards for the hospitality industry, the move to WELYNQ was quickly made. Due to the knowledge available within our companies, we were able to create a professional application in a short time that is still interesting for many locations even after the corona.